We are currently accepting donations for Sheleen and her horse, Nash. 

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Here is a message directly from Sheleen explaining her situation.

"Hello my name is Sheleen, I recently bought a 4yr ottb named Nash. I have only had him for 2 months and recently he has been feeling quite unwell. After having my regular vet out twice for what we believed was potomac horse fever. The second time he came out my vet was quite worried and believed Nash was in need of more help then what he could provide and recommend we go to Guelph. Without hesitation we brought him there right away. When we got to Guelph they did an ultrasound and discovered he was bleeding in his abdomen and had a bad infection and fever. He is on a lot of meds, fluids, and getting an ultrasound multiple times a day, and getting bloodwork to check all his levels. This horse means the world to me, when I bought him I was going through a really negative time, I was having bad suicidal thoughts and I didn't really have anything that was worth hanging around for. I wasn't looking to buy another horse but he won me over in two seconds. I spent one day in his stall crying and he put his head right in my lap and we stayed there for so long. This horse means more then anything to me and I will do anything to help him feel better. I work a full time job but I know this will be a very hard bill for as I still have to pay for him and my other horses board all on my own. I have never set up a go fund me before and I appreciate anyone who is willing to help. I'm looking forward to getting my baby back home."